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Adolescence with autism can present new and unexpected challenges for both the child and parents. Difficulty with transitions, puberty, and navigating school can become intensified and leave parents or guardians perplexed in knowing what to do. It is extremely important for teens to find new and productive ways to access their dreams and passions. Without planning and education, these hobbies and goals can easily become isolating. Andrew Vogl, M.A., BCBA comes from 25 years of helping adolescents on the autism spectrum in their home, school, or community with many different levels of challenges. He is excited to now be bringing his practice to San Francisco and the bay area.

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Teens with autism or Asperger’s Syndrome can become angry or even violent when not able to follow directions and expectations at home, school or work. They can also be challenged socially by struggling to discuss other topics outside of their immediate interests. Andrew meets with his clients in one of his two offices located in Noe Valley and The Financial District here in SF. While working with adolescents, young children and adults, he provides parent training or individual counseling to address the various needs of the entire family.

It is important to create a plan that carefully and directly addresses the child and family’s most pressing needs. Parents will receive hands-on parent training by learning new ways to react to difficult behavior or language. By learning specific elements of The Vogl Method, parents learn to move past feelings of being stuck while embracing their child’s interests and dreams. Parents learn how to help their children in ways they may never have thought of before, while developing a stronger relationship with their child. In addition to parent training and counseling in his SF offices, meetings and consultations at the child’s school or through video conferencing can be scheduled as well.

Autism Services | San Francisco | The Vogl Method

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