The Vogl Method

Parent Autism Coaching

Parent Coaching and Training for Children, Teens, and Adult Children with Autism

Coaching for Parents with Young Children on the Autism Spectrum

Parents of young children will be trained on my methodology I have worked on for many years. The Vogl Method for Infants and Toddlers pulls from my 27 years of work and training at various programs.

Coaching for Parents with Teens on the Spectrum

For parents of older children and adolescents, I teach The Vogl Method for how to to talk to your child while continually stretching flexibility.

Coaching for Parents with Adult Children on the Spectrum.

This is extremely helpful for parents of adult children still living at home or away at college and going back and forth.

Using My Additional Parent Autism Coaching Resources

Videos – Video resources to learn how to set up your playroom, use body position, or use anticipation to increase language, eye-contact or engagement.
Blog – Meant to provoke thought and encourage parents to take action. Please feel free to ask questions.
Facebook – Additional info and videos provided. A great place to ask questions so other parents can learn from it! To ask questions directly to Andrew, click here.

Latest Tips

December Tip – Anxiety is always seen as a “bad” thing, and most make quite a bit of effort to extinguish it. With the Vogl Method, I teach how to make use of it. Although everyone needs to turn it off at some point, first find out what your anxiety is trying to tell you. Once you have identified the warning your mind is trying to give you, make an action plan, but make sure it’s small and takes very little effort to use this new advice. Remember to go slow and take a lot of time! For parents of children around 8 to adulthood, anxiety may be a constant discussion and problem. I originally made this blog and video (also seen on the homepage) for adults dealing with anxiety on their own, but this could be helpful for parents as well. My Facebook page at is a good place to do so. 

Previous Tip – Tantrums can be difficult in many ways. One difficulty is knowing what to do with yourself as the parent or caregiver when your child or student is upset. Do you console them? Do you walk away? For questions, my Facebook page at is a good place to do ask them. Here’s a video that further explains this,“Improving Meltdowns with Autism Spectrum Disorders.”