The Vogl Method

Autism Services For Young Children

Through A Naturalistic Teaching Approach

Finding answers for your child on the autism spectrum can be daunting, as autism can come in many different forms and treatment methods can vary even more. Parents can be caught between not finding any services or having too many choices. Parents are generally faced with two main choices amongst hundreds of smaller ones. These two choices, when looking at behavioral treatment methods, come down to Applied Behavioral Analysis, or Naturalistic Teaching. I am not here to criticize any methodology, I truly believe everyone’s heart is in the right place. I can only talk about my experience with either side and what led me to create The Vogl Method for Autism. Although I began in an ABA type program, learning directly from Dr. Lovass’ “Me Book”, I wanted something that was driven by more spontaneous play, play that I observed in children every day. I did, however, appreciate the structure and organization of ABA. These interests led me to study as many Naturalistic Teaching methods as I possibly could.

The Vogl Method

The Vogl Method for autism falls under naturalistic teaching and is able to solve many missing factors found in more traditional treatment methods. It offers teachings within spontaneous play, real-life and practical language development, easily generalized to be used with other children. Use of regular items and play in a child’s natural environment will alleviate the need for expensive equipment or learning materials. One of Naturalistic Teaching’s strongest components is that it makes significant use of a child’s immediate interest. To put this simply, when you talk about what you want, want to play with or want to do, you are more likely to ask for it! Naturalistic Teaching methods are known as child-centered approaches, meaning the activity is designed around the child in the moment the need arrises. The Vogl Method falls within this style of treatment and comes from Andrew Vogl’s experience and studying many other Naturalistic Teaching modalities as well as his research and work with hundreds of families in Connecticut and California.

What is The Vogl Method?

The Vogl Method focuses on highly intensive and easy-to-learn methods used to quickly get a child speaking and engaging in play through their own interests. If you are looking for something that is both intense and fun with a natural feel, then this may be the perfect fit for you and your child. Many parents have utilized The Vogl Method for Autism to make a difference in their child’s life. They have worked closely with Andrew to learn the specific but powerful techniques based on years of research and hard work that do not come from a book! Method is a natural, fun, and intensive alternative to ABA. Parents and professionals are encouraged to jump up and down in an animated way instead of sitting at a table. Large fun and rambunctious objects like therapy balls and trampolines are used in a controlled and focused setting to maximize eye contact and teach language and play skills. Strategies are taught to parents or staff here in San Francisco in a hands-on fashion that are easy to learn and have been successfully used by parents for the past 20 years. For parents who are eager to learn immediate strategies or just want to know what they can do at home, you may want to consider becoming your own expert. Andrew Vogl, M.A., BCBA focuses his methodology along with his 25 years of experience to provide immediate and effective strategies that can be quickly learned by anyone. After years of working with parents who are desperate to find answers, Andrew has developed many fun and simple strategies taught by blending them with spontaneous play.

How is The Vogl Method taught?

Zoom has currently become the number one way to teach my methodology. I strongly encourage parents to do my intensive one-month program. Parents who are enthusiastic about getting right to work can start receiving immediate strategies to help their children with communication, challenging behavior, and social skills. Andrew strives to empower parents without dumping the responsibility on them through coaching them on how to add staff or volunteers to their program.

Please feel free to contact Andrew Vogl with questions about your child, your student, or your relative.

Offices are located in Noe Valley or The Financial District here in San Francisco, CA. Sessions are currently being held on Zoom.

If you think Andrew Vogl might be able to help you or your child, please feel free to reach out.