The Vogl Method

Coaching for Parents with Adult Children on the Spectrum

This page is for parents of adult children who are living at home or away at college.

It can be challenging as a parent of an adult to know where to draw the line and when to be supportive.

Call to discuss your adult child’s needs

It is important to create a plan that addresses your adult child’s age and goals in life. Parents will receive hands-on parent training by learning new ways to react to difficult behavior or gaps in communication. By learning specific elements of The Vogl Method, parents learn to move past feelings of being stuck while embracing their child’s interests and dreams. Parents learn how to help their children in ways they may never have thought of before, while developing a stronger relationship with their child.

It is often important with with a child with ASD’s to create change, but this has most likely felt very difficult for you as a parent.

Many children and adolescents on the spectrum are attracted to consistency. This can be a very good thing but can also create problems went things don’t do their way. Many parents who start with me, have already tried to not conform to their child’s every wish, but have been left feeling like their efforts are innafective. A common aspect of The Vogl Method is to learn how to take minute steps in the most helpful method and environment possible.