Autism Video Training Program

The following videos support my quest to have parents start immediately. You can find more videos at The Vogl Method for Autism Facebook page. Also, find brief tips on our Instagram account and additional videos on our YouTube page. The Vogl Program is about having parents not have to wait as their child sits on various waiting lists at local hospitals and universities. Questions are welcome on our social media accounts below or fill in our online form.

The Vogl Method in SF

Explanation of The Vogl Method shot in San Francisco!

The Vogl Method

What the Vogl Method looks like – working with Tyler by dropping the agenda and gaining eye contact.

Focus on the Child's Agenda

Working with what she wants to do and getting down to her level.

Teaching Flexibility: Part 1

Part 1 of how I teach parents to teach their children how to be flexibile in play with other children and in the community. 

Teaching Flexibility: Part 2

Part 2: This part gets more specific and offers more examples on how to teach flexibility with your child or student. 

Using Body Strategies

Using solely body position to engage in communication.  A simple strategy producing immediate eye contact.

Couch Throwing!

“Following” Technique- you can implement this today right now.

You Probably Didn't Realize

How We Reinforce Our Children’s Behavior


Teaching Speech Through Immersion


Autism Program Playroom Set-up

Using Your Own Resources

How to use your own house and self to work with your child for free.

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