Parent Coaching

Parents Become Experts!
Welcome! I have been coaching parents on The Vogl Method for the past 20 years now, bringing together work and research from several different Naturalistic Teaching approaches. You will learn everything I have learned in the past 25 years. Please contact myself, Andrew Vogl, if you have further questions. This program is designed to give you all of the tools you need to teach your own child different behaviors, how to communicate, and how to play with others. 

Training Information – What to Expect

  • How to properly set up where you will be teaching your child. 
  • How to get organized with scheduling and goals. 
  • How to speed up language development. 
  • How to teach all necessary social and play skills your child needs for play with others.  

Learn The Vogl Method

Getting Your Program Started

This first week is focused on getting you started. The Vogl Method is all about getting results immediately. Although there can always be ways to fine tune your program, getting your child help today can carry an equal amount of weight. 

Environmental Modifications and Body Positioning 

Learning how important these two factors can be, can be extremely beneficial. This week is about avoiding working extremely hard to only get marginal results; working smarter, not harder is key when addressing complex skills such as eye-contact. You can never force change, only continually open as many doors as possible at once!

Language, speech, and communication

Whether your child is verbal or non-verbal, we need a place to both start from and to quickly obtain goals from. Communication is very important and this week is about opening opportunities and reinforcing your child’s progress. 

Social Skills, Play Skills, Reciprocal Play

You will learn how to fine tune how you teach social skills. This week is all about what your child needs to be able to play with other children and learn from them! It also teaches you to look beyond skills and assess whether your child is really “with you” and engaged in the play. 

Ongoing Coaching and Support

You may find yourself needing additional coaching like most parents or you may want to now involve staff or other family members. 

Autism Services For Young Children

Working with Andrew

I am committed to teaching you my method I have developed, along with everything I have learned over the past 25 years. My goal is to create an individualized approach to teach what really fits with the needs of your child. 

Teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Program Tune-up or Program Enhancement

The program tune-up is meant for parents who have been using The Vogl Method successfully and want to see what they may be missing or leaving out. This can also be extremely useful when using another approach. Some approaches are very thorough but lack the spontaneity used in The Vogl Method. You will learn how to boost your program, helping your child reach his/her goals quicker. 

Asperger’s Syndrome

How Online Coaching can Work for You

Although in-person training certainly has its benefits, there are many ways to ensure your online training with me serves the need you may have. Making sure to send videos of your work with your child in preparation for the video review session will allow me to see what I would see if I was at your house. Being as organized as possible in terms of training, room setup and practicing taught strategies, will cement your ability to move through the learnings. 

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