Parent Training for Adult Children

If you are a parent with a child living at home or is away at college, it can be extremely helpful to look at various factors that can help you. 

Autism Services | San Francisco | The Vogl Method

key Points in Training

  • A safe and relaxed atmosphere is provided in a quiet setting in The Financial District and Noe Valley, San Francisco.
  • Able to see all ages of the autism spectrum, including Asperger’s syndrome and additional diagnoses.
  • Sessions are designed to be individualized and will include anything from speech to career and life planning.
  • Parents are strongly empowered as an integral part of the child’s success by learning to be the expert themselves.
  • Infants and toddlers are taught the skills they need to interact and socialize with other children, including eye contact and language development.
  • Adolescents and adults with Asperger’s syndrome  meet by themselves but parents are welcome to join when appropriate.
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